Nicole Austin is considered a serial entrepreneur. She is a brand strategist and marketing consultant and believes in having diverse interests. She spends her time owning and running her NPO Uprising, which takes people on transformational journeys all over the world; and co-founding the Impact Hub, a platform for conversation that inspires women across SA. She also successfully brought Luxuria Lifestyle to South Africa; SA’s leading luxury digital magazine, organising their biggest event to date in 2019.


As a brand strategist and marketing consultant, Nicole does everything from creating brand strategies and guidelines to creating websites and managing your social media.

Nicole will always find new ways to enhance a brand by combining creative and analytical skills to deliver strong innovation strategies. From personal brands and one-on-one consults to small, medium and large business, creating brand strategies and visions is a small part of what she can offer.

Motivation and encouragement is a crucial element in any business. Nicole can work with leadership teams as well as speak at events or conferences on branding, marketing, vision, strategy, sales, motivation, leadership and more. Part of a brand strategist and marking consultants job is to define a brands elements and tone. Nicole can go one step beyond that and do the actual design work too. From websites, social media pages and landing pages to social media management, brand packs and stationary, Nicole can do it all.

By understanding analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve business, Nicole can create a multitude of content for any business including: photos, videos, flyers, brochures, business cards, logos, email campaigns and any other vision you may have.

Work she has done includes strategies for CrossFit 360VIDA, Adcock Ingram OTC, Uprising and Brayfoil.



Nicole co-founded The Impact Hub together with Tehila Simantov. They decided to create a central hub to connect amazing people and brands in business.

The Impact Hub is a gender inclusive women-focused network. From managing all your campaign needs to hosting online and live events, The Impact Hub is your one-stop-shop!

With many years of experience in the field, they ensure that you stand out exactly where you need to! #impactclub is a space for talent and industry leaders to work alongside their campaigns, creating a connection between likeminded individuals.

By making use of their exclusive network of celebrities, athletes, and corporate industry leaders, they work with your brand to plan, execute, track, and analyse any desired marketing initiative in the social space.

They do our homework, find your place in the market and ensure that you stand out, exactly where you need to. They establish your campaign needs, and then it’s over to the creative team. They develop any content needed. The photographers and videographers rank among the best in South Africa and thet have a large network of influencers and models.

They also  host women focused events around collaboration and connection for women in business, whether you’re employed or climbing the career ladder, corporate employed, self-employed or an entrepreneur this is the space for you. They create online events and live events where you have the opportunity to network, connect, collaborate and develop business connections. They also invite impactful speakers to take the Impact Seat where the founders, Tehilah and Nicole, start critical conversations with industry leaders around controversial subjects that women face not only in business but also in relationships and life.